Award winning author, coach, journalist, businesswoman, traveller, pasta and bread maker, one-time roller derby wanna-be, wife and friend, Jo is on a mission to get women talking. From her beginnings as a new arrival to Australia in 1971, living in commission flats with her parents who spoke no English, Jo has made it her life purpose to tell stories and help childless women who want to find their life purpose.

With a postgraduate degree in languages, linguistics and writing, Jo has spent most of her life capturing and telling stories of women who feel voiceless but with big stories to tell.

Through her lived experience as a journalist and businesswoman Jo is living her best childless life alongside a community of childless and childfree women to create a life purpose beyond the ideal of motherhood.

Jo lives in Melbourne with her husband of 26 years, five cats and two dogs.

You can find her books on Amazon HERE and she sometimes blogs at