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8: Periods. What are they good for, anyway? A group of us let it all out!


8: Periods. What are they good for, anyway? A group of us let it all out!

What is the point of having a period when you can't or don't intend to have children?

In this episode, we go deep and get super personal all about period and speak to members of the community to find out what periods mean to them.  From 67-year-old guest Heather  who teaches us all about “rag suspender belts” to 34-year-old Skye, who had to have a hysterectomy at 31, and 44 year-old Pen, with heavy periods and nine miscarriages. 

Stats: What can impact periods (plenty) and the average ages we “become” women and when it all ends.

In Shit that Comes up on my feed, we have a doozy. Stay tuned.

Question of the Week:  What does your Period mean to you?   Is it pointless?

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List of resources and articles we referenced in the episode:
The Tampon Ad: https://youtu.be/aL9333Y_ADI
ModiBodi:  https://www.modibodi.com/

The Last Fuckable Day video: https://youtu.be/vDz2kcjWpOs

How old are we when we get our periods in Australia and New Zealand?

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Periods affected by Ovarian Cancer in Australia and New Zealand:

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Australasian Menopause Society: https://www.menopause.org.au/hp/management/early-menopause