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13: It’s Okay to be Sad, and Angry, and to Laugh, too. You're not Dead, you're just Childless, with Sarah Roberts


13: It’s Okay to be Sad, and Angry, and to Laugh, too. You're not Dead, you're just Childless, with Sarah Roberts

Today I welcome Sarah Roberts to the podcast.

We talk about grief and second chances! Sarah is not only a counsellor for childless women, she’s one of us! With over 25 years experience in counselling, teaching and community work, Sarah brings her lived experience to The Empty Cradle where she focuses on involuntary childlessness and motherhood loss. She understands the complexities of supporting women who experience involuntary childlessness.

As the founder of The Empty Cradle, Sarah aims to bring women together in loving community to mourn the loss, be transformed by the grief and create a life they love.

The Empty Cradle is a place where mourning, complexity, hope, spirituality, ambition and lifestyle collide. She offers rock solid strategies (think:  psychology, counselling, feminism, education, sociology, practical philosophy and spiritual practices) to clarify decision-making about your journey, grieve your loss and move forward with confidence about the future.
 Sarah believes that grief is a skill to be learned: it deepens your ability to live and love and it awakens your whole being. And being childless herself, she gets us, and to a grieving woman, it makes all the difference. So while our conversation focuses on the losses for childless women, she brings us back around to the joy we can find once we allow it.

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