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12: Coping with Christmas when You're Childless – Plus some tips for parents!


12: Coping with Christmas when You're Childless – Plus some tips for parents!

Christmas can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally.  Today,  I'm also bringing you a series of tips to get you through the big days over the holidays. These tips will help all of us without kids to navigate the Christmas landscape when there might be a tonne of happy families with kids.

Of course, you might love it! I find it exhausting so I keep it simple, but if you have no choice and you're heading off to a family affair where there will be family that you may not see very often, and who will likely ask you the usual series of "bingo" questions like: are you married? in a relationship? when are you having kids? – you know the ones – I hope that today's episode gives you some ideas for coping. And at the end, I also give some suggestions to people with children on ways they can help you get through the hols.

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Resources and articles referenced in the episode:
Jody Day's Christmas video – Coping with Holiday Expectations

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