A work in progress, this page contains resources to help women who need extra support around their childless or childfree status. From counsellors, healers, workshops, and circles, if you have anyone you would recommend, let us know.

Judy Graham – WomenHood


If you’ve been searching for a counsellor who understands what it’s like to be a woman without children AND has professional counselling skills, you’re in the right place.


Sarah Roberts – The Empty Cradle


The Empty Cradle supports women experiencing childlessness grief and motherhood loss. They offer counselling, resources, workshops, courses and the power of a loving community to support women to grieve the loss and create a life they love.


Anne Barratt – Empowering Health


Anne’s goal is to help you get unstuck and get your life, health, and mental/emotional state back under control. You may have come to this point after experiencing setbacks in life, grief or trauma, physical pain, stress or simply making the wrong choices in the past.


Sally Liston – Omni Wellness


Sally Liston is a CyberScan Biofeedback Practitioner, Speech Pathologist, Nutrition & Health Coach, Access Consciousness Bars® Facilitator and BWRT® & EFT Facilitator.

Michelle Edwards – Naturopath


A Naturopath with 30 years experience, Michelle also practices Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy and Natural Fertility Management.

Tanya Hubbard – Counsellor and Coach


Tanya is a counsellor and coach working with people as they process times of change in their lives. She works from a client-centred collaborative framework. Any issue is worthy of exploring no matter how big or small you may label it, you are worthy and important and deserve to be heard.


Dr Bronwyn Harman

Bronwyn is a consultant trained in community psychology. Her expertise lies in family resilience and well-being, and assisting to build strengths. Bronwyn is currently finalising her phD around the subject of childfree women. To register for updates about her research, please leave your details at www.tinyurl.com/bhastarte



Gateway Women: https://www.gw-community.com

(un)Ripe Community: @unripecommunitygroup