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Episode 6 – When did you know you weren’t going to have children?


Episode 6 – When did you know you weren’t going to have children?

Did you decide or were you a fence sitter? Or maybe you didn’t decide, but there was a point when you just knew.

My special guests are Dr Bronwyn Harman who is currently finalising her phD about childfree women. I also speak to friend of the podcast, Lovisa, who talks about her journey as a childfree woman, both in Sweden and in Australia.

Stats: We crunch the numbers and facts about why women are childfree by choice or by circumstance, and looks at IVF failure, delayed childbirth & just not meeting the right partner.

In Shit that came up on my feed, we talk about Australian Federal Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg’s, recent rally cry to get Australians to start having more children as part of our economic recovery. Nice one.

Question of the Week: When did you decide or know that you were not going to have children?



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