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Season 2 Episode 16: They Wanna be Free, Gay and Happy (and Childfree)


Season 2 Episode 16: They Wanna be Free, Gay and Happy (and Childfree)

Welcome to Season 2 of the unRipe podcast.

In season 2, I’m changing up the format a bit, and I’ll be bringing you rich, diverse stories from both women and men, same sex couples, married, single, defacto, psychologists and natural therapists, alternative practitioners, authors, bloggers, travellers, politicians, musicians and the full gamut of childless and childfree folks.

We go deeper!

Today’s episode features a female same sex couple who have had THE conversation about kids, and they’ve both agreed on the way forward.

Holly grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness, May didn’t. It’s an interesting chat!

Come on… join us.

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