Legacy and FOMO

Question. Life is about experience, right? As a childless woman, I wonder if the reason why I feel grief over my inability to make a person is actually, and simply, because it’s an experience I’ll never have.

Do I have FOMO? What if having kids is just about FOMO and this “just in case I regret it?”

Would it be easier to understand my grief if it were actually that simple? Just wondering if I’m over complicating it with all the thoughts of: * I have a uterus for a reason. * It’s what I was put here for. * It’s biology. * It’s about teaching the next generation. * I have to pass on the family line… What if it’s just the tick of the line item on the list that leads to FOMO?

So my original question is: Is life just about experience? Love to you all ❤️

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