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Episode 7 – What’s your Plan B? How do we find our life purpose now?


Episode 7 – What’s your Plan B? How do we find our life purpose now?

When your Plan A doesn’t go as planned, what’s your Plan B? What does our future hold without children? Can we Google the answer? What about Jeeves?

We speak to Anne Barratt from Empowering Health about her story after IVF and a hysterectomy. Anne is a healer who employs kinesiology, EFT, counselling, hypnotherapy and a host of different modalities to help reset our minds and bodies to focus clearly on what we want for our future.

Stats: Our elder community tell us how their lives have turned out without children. Penny also reveals her desire to become a happy eccentric rockstar spinster living on a farm a pet pig! Big celebrations when we find out that a tribe in Gambia revere their childless women as messengers for their community!

In Shit that comes up on our Feed, Penny has a beef with the way women introduce themselves in a business Facebook group.

Question of the Week: What is your Plan B? What are you going to do in the future? Even if it’s your Plan A.



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