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Episode 26: Can a little bit of Kink Fix Our Post Infertility Love Life?


Episode 26: Can a little bit of Kink Fix Our Post Infertility Love Life?

In the childless and childfree community, we talk about building a community with adults, where we’re not always surrounded by babies, kids, pregnant women and people talking about their kids. And it’s not just the childfree who are looking for a reprieve. Even us childless folk talk about adult only spaces – like planes, restaurants, resorts, you get it.

What If I told you there is a perfect adult only space, a real community where nobody brings their kids, it’s unlikely there will be any pregnant women, and, actually, nobody talks about their kids at all?

What if I told you that these communities could be found everywhere. In your neighbourhood. Maybe even your street.

Would that group pique your curiosity? I mean, an adult only space where kids are pretty much never mentioned? Would you want to join that group?

In this episode, I speak with Joy Sharp, originally from Israel, about her 9 IVF cycles, divorce and her rebirth as a rope master in the Kink community.

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