Childless by Marriage – When your partner doesn’t want any kids and you do – with Sue Lick

When I first heard about childless stepmums, I thought to myself, how lucky! You may not have had your own, but here you are, an instant family.

But then I started hearing from women who have this exact experience and, honestly, it seems so fraught and complex. Not only are you dealing with, potentially, angry exes, but kids who don’t really want a new parent. Plus, having someone else’s family doesn’t take away from the grief of not having your own biological family.

On today’s episode, I speak with Sue Fagalde Lick, who wrote about her experience as a childless stepmother in the memoir “Childless by Marriage”, based on her blog by the same name, which she started in 2007. On both the blog and in the book, Sue talks about what it’s like to raise someone else’s kids, knowing that your husband doesn’t want any more.

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