Post Traumatic Growth & Toxic Positivity with Tanya Hubbard

Tanya Hubbard and her husband live in Vancouver Canada and, like Australia, they have a robust public healthcare system with long waiting periods for elective, non-emergency surgery – and it certainly doesn’t over IVF. Tanya explains that, like so many of us, she didn’t start trying to get pregnant until her mid to late 30s, and by that time, she learned she had a massive fibroid that needed attention before she could even think of trying got carry a baby.

As always, with guests, I’m curious about what brought them to this space, how they came to be childless not by choice, and what they’re doing instead.

In today’s episode, I talk to Tanya about  Post Traumatic Growth, Toxic Positivity, giant fibroids, being one of the 30% of childless women with unexplained infertility, and how she processes her childlessness while helping her clients navigate theirs.

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