Childless AND an Only Child – So Who’s going to find us when we die?

I’ve mentioned it before – I’m an only child. So I reached out to see how many of us childless are also onlies and today’s guest, Alisha Saavedra put up her hand.

Alisha lives in Southern California with her husband. She is originally from Mexico, and her husband is from Bolivia, where big families play a big role.

With unexplained infertility and two chemical pregnancies behind her, we talk about what it’s like being an only child AND childless in  our Latin cultures that put motherhood big families on a pedestal.

We also talk about the weird and, well, weirder, things we’ve done to improve our chances of getting pregnant, like drinking raw liver smoothies and walking around with crystals in your undies.

We also talk about Alisha’s experience with fostering, jealousy, and talking to your parents about childlessness when they, too, are probably grieving over not becoming grandparents.

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