How to be Childless and Confident with Jody O’Brien

I am my own worst enemy and a terrible cheerleader. That’s why I want you to meet Jody O’Brien. Jody is calls herself the “Chief Cheerleader” and she is cheering us all on. After being diagnosed with early menopause in her late 30s, and the only way she would carry a baby would be with a donor egg, Jody and her husband moved to China for a few years, tried Chinese medicine, then decided that they would simply get on with life. And they have!

Adopted just weeks after she was born, Jody is the ray of sunshine we all need, the vibrant cheerleader we could all use in our lives.

Jody O’Brien lives in rural Victoria in Australia and you can find her working with food producers, paddling on the river, walking her dog, giving excellent advice, engaging in stand up paddle boarding, catching up with friends and sharing non-alcoholic bevvies, wearing hot pink boots and riding around in a convertible on her Instagram page Childless and Confident. Jody is a traveller and, sorry for the cliché, she’s a real inspiration to us childless folk. She’s both childless AND confident!

Stay tuned as Jody gives advice to women who are facing the choice to be childless or pursue treatment.

If you are facing any challenges with anxiety, depression or addiction, please speak to your GP or call Lifeline on 131114

Find Jody on Instagram @/childless_and_confident/

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