What’s my Life Purpose if I don’t have kids? Hold my beer while I find out.

“What’s my purpose in life if I don’t have kids? Hold my beer while I find out.”

That’s a quote by Brigid May of The Fruitless Figtree. Brigid is everything you want from a bestie – she’s angry, vocal, honest, a little bit dark, wants to light things on fire (in her head only!), and she’s a little pissed at Brooklyn 99. Brigid is also a Montessori pre-school teacher, she’s married and infertile – a terrific combination!

From her home in Washington State in the US, Brigid tells us about the challenges of being a teacher to little kids, especially when parents say things like “oh you’ll understand when you have kids”.  She’s a cocktail crone (her husband is the cocktail maker) and she loves to post drunk rom-com reviews on Instagram.

Brigid is also a gardener and poet.

Her journey to infertility is pretty normal but with a slight difference in that, when she found out she was infertile and that the next step would be fertility treatment, she opted for wine and sushi instead.

Find Brigid on Instagram @thefruitlessfigtree

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