Kati Seppi – Living the Unexpectedly Childfree Life After Infertility


Kati Seppi is the supercharged founder of Chasing Creation. In today’s episode we tackle the big topics –  Designing a childfree life, strengthening relationships after infertility.

Katy grew up Mormon in Utah, and lives in Utah today with her husband, and she calls herself “unexpectedly childfree after infertility”.  We speak about her journey to infertility through endometriosis, and about the life she and her husband have found for themselves despite that. Katy went from being someone whose life ambition was to be a stay at home mum, to someone who found fulfilment in outher ways, finding independence, getting degrees that gave her alternative challenges and building a life outside of children.

Her story is both heartbreaking and inspiring.

We also speak about an exciting, upcoming event – The Childless Summit.

What is the Childless Collective Summit?

The Childless Collective Summit is a 4-day virtual event, featuring 28 speakers, all focused on topics related to being childless not by choice. The event is taking place on March 18 – 21.

Grab your tickets HERE

The Summit is Free! The Basic Access Pass gives access to audio and video recordings of the presentations for a full year, and access to Katy of Chasing Creation’s new workshop “Responding to Intrusive Questions and Unsolicited Advice”. Or you can choose to grab an All-Access Pass that includes all of the Basic Access inclusions, plus transcripts of the presentations, tons of speaker-contributed bonuses and goodies, and exclusive episodes from some of your favorite podcasters!

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