Childless after Failed Vasectomy Reversal and the Power of Singing with Laura Curtis

Laura Curtis uses her voice to tell stories through song and sound. She met her husband when she was 22 and he was 36. He’d had a vasectomy in a previous relationship, so when Laura expressed her desire to become a mum, he had a reversal. Easy peasy. After all, Laura was not infertile and, in fact, she had a healthy reproductive system. But things didn’t quite go as planned when the reversal didn’t work. Cue a few years of fertility treatment, and several embryo transfers and the couple were still no closer to the dream. They took a break, and a holiday, and decided to give it another go, and that’s when Laura was diagnosed with MS.

In this episode, I speak with Laura about the effects of infertility after a vasectomy, how it can wreak havoc on relationships and how Laura turned a personal devastation into a super fascinating research study on sex hormones and the voice. She has now embarked on a PhD on the impacts of infertility on female singer identity.

Check out Laura’s Masters Thesis – The Effects of Infertility on Female Vocalist Identity – The Effects of Infertility on Female Vocalist Identity (

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