WHAT IS (un) Ripe

The (un)Ripe Community was born out of a simple simple question: Surely there are a lot more of us out there? If the stats are right, then around 1 in 5 women over 40 don’t have kids. Where are they? And have they gone through what we have?

We’re a tribe hidden in plain sight!

“(unRipe) is for and about childless and childfree women who are anything but unripe! We’re a juicy community.”


unRipe Podcast

Juicy conversations where I share my story, speak to women at different stages of their childless or childfree lives, as well as professionals from the fields of psychology, grief counselling and life coaching.

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About me

Who am I  to talk about this stuff?

Let me tell you that I am perfectly placed to talk about it. Have a read of my story

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